visuAAL – Privacy-Aware and Acceptable Video-Based Technologies and Services for Active and Assisted Living

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While the demographic shift in Germany is leading to an ageing population, the expansion of the healthcare sector is becoming increasingly important. The visuAAL project therefore deals with Active and Assisted Living, shortform AAL, technologies. AALs can be used as a support system in the care sector. For example, cameras can be used to detect dangerous situations at an early stage and to request appropriate support as quickly as possible. So far, however, the use of cameras is facing very little user acceptance.

The Purpose

Therefore, the purpose of the visuAAL project is to bridge the gap between user requirements and the appropriate and safe use of video-based AAL technologies in order to provide effective and supportive assistance to elderly people. In particular, ethical, legal, social and privacy requirements for the use of the technologies in hospitals, private homes and public areas will be explored.

International PhD students from different disciplines work under the lead of the international team of supervisors on different perspectives in the context of AAL technologies for older people.

At the chair of Communication Science, three PhD students and doctrinaire are working on questions concerning the acceptance and perception of AAL technologies in the home environment. Another focus is the question of ethical and practical feasibility from the perspective of the persons involved in care.