COreFAKTEN: Social Acceptance of a CO2-Price for Energy Consumption

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Project information


A central requirement for the targeted further development of the energy system transformation is the implementation of a CO2-oriented reform of the energy taxes, charges and allocation system ,shortform CORE. CORE will overcome existing price distortions and create cross-energy system price signals that will enable a more economically efficient achievement of Germany's climate targets. However, concerns about social acceptance so far prevented the implementation. Therefore, the aim of the project COre FAKTEN is to analyze the reform’s social acceptance issues by means of sociological, behavioral economic and communication-scientific research approaches and to examine them empirically by focus groups.

The Focus

The focus rests on households particularly burdened by energy related expenditures. The findings will then be quantified by using empirical conjoint measurements. Based on the analysis, a CORE’s communication concept will be developed. This way the project can make an important contribution to the socially acceptable design of a CORE and to the conception of an effective, acceptance-promoting communication strategy.