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The research work on the topics of technology acceptance and risk perception, digitalization, usability and user diversity can be found in our publications.

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The Chair of Communication Science is located at the Institute of Linguistics and Communication Science, member of the Faculty of Philosophy and part of an over-faculty center, the Human-Computer Interaction Center, shortform HCIC, at the RWTH.

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Photo of a screen on which the project priorities can be seen. © Copyright: Dr. Martina Ziefle

The topics of the chair are investigated in a number of third-party funded projects, both on behalf of public and industrial sponsors. Our projects address different questions in the context of technology perception, human-technology interaction, acceptance and risk communication.

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Focus of work

The picture shows a young man holding a burning stick. © Copyright: Kai Kasugai

The working area of the chair lies in the empirical-experimental modelling of the acceptance of technology and the communication and interaction between humans and technology.

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Doctoral Dissertations

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Here you will find an overview of doctoral dissertations completed at our Chair.

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We are proud that former and current members of our research group have been honoured for their excellent research work with various study and research awards.

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HCI book series

The HCI series deals with interdisciplinary topics from the point of intersection between architecture, computer science, psychology, and empirical social research. In the future, the HCI series will present writings that are the results of the research at the HCIC. The focus will be on current challenges of integrating new technologies into the scopes of humans, media, space, and society. The HCI series is published by Apprimus Wissenschaftsverlag.

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