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Ralf Philippsen, M. Sc.

User Requirements in Electromobility
Luisa Vervier, Dipl. psych. Communication and Information Needs in Digital Health Technologies
Anika Linzenich, M. Sc. Active Support vs. Passive Tolerance in Energy Technology Acceptance
Eva-Maria Schomakers, M. Sc. Perception of Privacy as Key Component of Medical Technology Acceptance
Hannah Biermann, M. A. Trust in Automation
Laura Burbach, M. A. Methode zum Überführen von Strukturgleichungsmodellen in ABM
Poornima Belavadi, M. Sc. Agent-Based Modeling of Social Phenomena in Digital Media
Patrick Halbach M. Sc. Agend-Based Simulation of Opionion Formation and Spread in Online Social Networks
Linda Engelmann M. A. Public Perception and Acceptance of Renewable Energy Technologies
Julian Hildebrandt M. A., M. Sc. Consequences of Digitalization for Individual and Organizational Factors in Working Environments