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Doktorandin oder Doktorand Thema
Hannah Biermann, M. A. Trust in Automation
Laura Burbach, M. A. Methode zum Überführen von Strukturgleichungsmodellen in ABM
Linda Engelmann, M. A. Public Perception and Acceptance of Renewable Energy Technologies
Mona Frank, M. Sc.
Impke Haverkämper, M. Sc.
Alexander Hick, M. Sc. Accepance of Artificial Intelligence in health-related Contexts
Julian Hildebrandt, M. A., M. Sc. Consequences of Digitalization for Individual and Organizational Factors in Working Environments
Luca Liehner, M. Sc. Trust and Perception of Artificial Intelligence in Human-Computer Interaction
Vivian Lotz, M. Sc. Interaction Design for Communication between Humans and Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed Traffic
Caterina Maidhof, M. Sc. Perceptions of Personal Privacy in different users regarding Health Monitoring Technologies
Sophia Otten, M. Sc. (Dis)Trust in medical technology and the impact on Server Health Decisions
Anna Rohowsky, M. A.