APEROL – Autonomous, Personalised Organisation of Road Transport and Digital Logistics




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Every day, millions of people commute to work, do their shopping and errands by car or transport goods. The project is developing an intelligent, needs-based and at the same time efficient mobility system for this purpose. Citizens should no longer sit alone in their own vehicle, but share an autonomously driving vehicle with some passengers. Globally optimized services will be provided via a mobile cloud.

Every citizen has the possibility to choose between different services and thus to determine the price. For example, a businessman can use a transporter alone if he wants to use the commuting time for office work. In addition to making urban transport more flexible, our concept can also improve mobility for rural areas close to cities in the medium term.

The Goal

The goal of the project is the implementation, testing and validation of a holistic approach for an optimized fully autonomous traffic, which considers the individual needs of citizens and represents services for a fully autonomous transport system optimized for public acceptance. Aperol's unique characteristic is the pilot phase in actual road traffic planned from the very beginning. As consortium partner, the City of Aachen will provide selected routes, e.g. the Campus Boulevard and the market, for the test phase. The test operation will allow the acceptance of these services and concepts by the citizens to be measured directly.

An important part of this project is the transferability to other cities and regions. To achieve this goal, the consortium is developing planning software that can simulate services and optimization strategies with up-to-date maps and traffic data and thus transfer them to other cities and regions.


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