Decision-making factors of sustainable re-investments in companies

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Companies are an important part of a sustainable society. Companies that invest profits in energy efficiency, climate protection, environmental protection, or public welfare measures as part of their corporate strategy represent an essential building block of a sustainable economy that contributes significantly and sustainably to a reduction in energy consumption.

ENRI aims to investigate the decision-making processes in companies regarding the further use of their monetary profits. To this end, psychological, business management and communication science research approaches will be used to analyze the patterns according to which companies make energy transition re-investments. An empirical multi-method approach is used for the analysis, which uses interviews, focus groups, case studies and quantitative company surveys. The findings from the empirical studies and their transdisciplinary synthesis will contribute to a) a better understanding of the relevant factors in the company, b) their transferability to other companies and c) climate targets in the corporate sector but also in the overall social sphere. The knowledge gained in the project will be transferred into corporate practice to provide companies with more transparency and comprehensibility with regard to their decision paths for investments.