Promotion of the Quality of Life of Insects and Humans through perfect Meadow Worlds

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"FLIP" comprises an integrative approach to the sustainable establishment of species-rich meadows, smooth oat meadows of the low and hilly countryside, on hitherto intensively cultivated lawns of inner-city green spaces as well as fat and many-pruned meadows of the agricultural landscape. A site-appropriate diversity of native plants is to be established in order to restore the habitat of many insects. At the same time, the value creation of meadows and their inhabitants is to be achieved through educational and public relations measures at regional and supra-regional level, in order to raise the awareness of a wide range of stakeholders. Species-rich grassland is under severe threat - our project is intended to show that lawns of urban green spaces but also field margins and intensive grassland of agricultural areas can be ecologically enhanced in an ecologically meaningful way and can be easily preserved by minimal maintenance. Important stakeholder groups such as municipal and regional administrations and businesses, citizens and private individuals, farmers, church communities, the educational system and the economy are to be sensitized to the topic of biodiversity and to participate.


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