SULEICA – Smart Urban Logistics through Electrification Collaboration and Automation



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The transport of goods is one of the most important components of the German economy. Due to e-commerce, the transport volume has increased drastically in recent years. Especially electrification and automation offer potential for rethinking tomorrow's transport processes. In order to achieve this, new urban concepts will be developed which integrate the new technologies into urban life. In close cooperation with the introduction of technology, a social transformation process must be undertaken and underpinned by transparent public communication strategies. Especially with the introduction of new technologies, such as the automated light vehicle, innovation management is central, since it often represents a process accompanied by social skepticism when citizens are not involved in the transformation process from the outset. The overall Suleica project pursues a holistic approach, which from the outset is geared to the acceptance of the technology, the performance of the system for various applications and the environmental impact on urban space. The result is an overall system that focuses on the adaptation, further development and testing of automated electric light vehicles for the smart urban inner-city logistics in Aachen. In the subproject Suleica: People and Transport at RWTH Aachen University, the partners, the Chair of Communication Science, the Human-Computer Interaction Center, shortform HCIC, and the Chair and the Institute of Urban Planning and Transport, short ISB, are concentrating on

  1. the acceptance and perception of the automated light vehicles from the perspective of the users in different usage contexts, Partner HCIC and
  2. the transport and technical integration of the automated light vehicles into the existing system and the investigation of the deployment potentials and effects of interurban logistics, ISB partner.

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