Dr. Dipl.-Phys.

Christian Möllering

Christian Möllering
Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationswissenschaft


Room: 03_A22

Campus-Boulevard 57

52074 Aachen



Christian Möllering is a PhD student at the Human Technology Centre of RWTH Aachen University in the research program eHealth. Currently his research activities focus on building operation systems as well as the assessment and realization of new building related technologies applied in the area of medical services. Christian studied physics at the Universities of Erlangen-Nürnberg and Oldenburg. Christian is an expert in the field of innovative building automation with work experience of more than 10 years.



Title Author(s)
A platform for autonomous, facade integrated room control
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis (2017)
Möllering, Christian
Towards Accepted Smart Interactive Textiles : The Interdisciplinary Project INTUITEX
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2017)
Brauner, Philipp (Corresponding author)
van Heek, Julia
Schaar, Anne Kathrin
Ziefle, Martina
Hamdan, Nur Al-huda
Ossmann, Lukas
Heller, Florian
Borchers, Jan Oliver
Scheulen, Klaus
Gries, Thomas
Kraft, Hannah
Fromm, Hannes
Franke, Marina
Wentz, Christian
Wagner, Manfred
Dicke, Manuel
Möllering, Christian (Corresponding author)
Adenau, Franz
Gardeene! Textile Controls for the Home Environment
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2016)
Heller, Florian (Corresponding author)
Ossmann, Lukas (Corresponding author)
Hamdan, Nur Al-huda (Corresponding author)
Brauner, Philipp (Corresponding author)
van Heek, Julia (Corresponding author)
Scheulen, Klaus (Corresponding author)
Möllering, Christian (Corresponding author)
Goßen, Laura (Corresponding author)
Witsch, Rouven (Corresponding author)
Ziefle, Martina (Corresponding author)
Gries, Thomas (Corresponding author)
Borchers, Jan Oliver (Corresponding author)
Understanding requirements for textile input devices individually tailored interfaces with home environments
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2014)
Ziefle, Martina (Corresponding author)
Brauner, Philipp
Heidrich, Felix
Möllering, Christian
Lee, Kriz
Armbrüster, Claudia