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Luca Liehner studied Technical Communication with Fundamentals of Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen University. From 2011 to 2015 he worked as a student assistant at the Chair of Urban Planning History. At the beginning of 2015 he joined the Chair of Communication Science where he worked as an student assistant until the end of 2019. After his Master’s degree in Technical Communication, he filled the position of research assistant at the Human-Computer Interaction Center where he currently works in the project ‘Landleuchten’. His strengths lie in the graphical representation of research results, as well as in film and audio editing.



Title Author(s)
Modelling Human Factors in Cyber Physical Production Systems by the Integration of Human Digital Shadows
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2022)
Mertens, Alexander (Corresponding author)
Brauner, Philipp (Corresponding author)
Baier, Ralph Oliver (Corresponding author)
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Schuh, Günther (Corresponding author)
Ziefle, Martina (Corresponding author)
Nitsch, Verena (Corresponding author)
Delegation of moral tasks to automated agents - The impact of risk and context on trusting a machine to perform a task
Journal Article (2021)
Liehner, Gian Luca Valentin (Corresponding author)
Brauner, Philipp
Schaar, Anne Kathrin
Ziefle, Martina
Development and Evaluation of a Research Framework for Measuring the Reliance on Automation in Situations of Risk and Moral Dilemma
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2020)
Liehner, Gian Luca Valentin (Corresponding author)
Brauner, Philipp
Schaar, Anne Kathrin
Ziefle, Martina