Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schule visits FLIP

Svenja Schule in Aachen on her summertrip 2021 Copyright: © BMU/Sebastian Bänsch  

As part of her summer trip, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze visited Aachen on 28.6.2021 to find out about the progress of the project "FLIP - Promoting the Quality of Life of Insects and People through Perfect Meadow Worlds", which has been running since 2020. FLIP aims to revive smooth oat meadows in the Aachen region and to raise public awareness of the issue of insects and insect mortality. Smooth oat meadows are an important, regionally typical habitat for insect species that has disappeared in many places. Urban green spaces, but also intensive mowed and meadow grassland of the agriculturally used areas in the surrounding countryside should therefore be upgraded again in an ecologically meaningful and site-appropriate way.

At Gut Hasselholz at project partner Dietmar Veith, the FLIP project and an insect-friendly meadow were presented to Mrs. Schulze on site. We had the opportunity to report on our experiences so far, on the need for ecological enhancement of the meadows, on the acceptance of the project by the citizens and our goals regarding communication about insects.

Zu Gast waren auch Vertreterinnen und Vertreter weiterer vom BMU und BfN geförderter Projekte, die sich mit dem Thema Insektenschutz beschäftigen: BienABest und LIBA.