PINT Pedestrian Indoor Navigation Toolbox 


Although outdoor navigation is already widely used for car and pedestrian navigation, the issue of indoor navigation still poses challenging research questions, such as availability of 3D floor plans, indoor localization methods, navigation interfaces, impact of individual user factors, user acceptance, and diverse requirement profiles in different use cases.

Existing research experience cannot be applied directly to different scenarios, since they usually focus on design and evaluation of one specific technique for one single scenario rather than explore the design space of indoor navigation systematically. To reach this goal, Computer Graphics and Communication Science departments propose an interdisciplinary research project, PINT, to combine novel mobile technology development approaches with user-centered evaluation methodologies.

In this research project, the integration of user needs in early stages of system design as well as the integration of cognitive information processing of users during empirical user studies will allow to develop indoor navigation solutions and design guidelines with a specific focus on universal accessibility. 

Project information:


Seed Fund Projects - Exploratory Research Space @ RWTH Aachen

Funding period:



Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle (Communication Science)
Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt (Computer Graphics)

Team members:

Dr. Katrin Arning (Communication Science)
M.Sc. Ming Li (Computer Graphics)