TIGER: Deep Geothermal Energy - Acceptance and Communication of an Innovative Technology

Due to the nuclear power phase-out and the associated energy transition regenerative and sustainable energy sources gain importance. Deep geothermal energy today provides only a small fraction of Germany’s energy mix yet its base load electricity generation along with its simultaneous heat production holds a high potential. 

Empirical studies utilizing qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to develop an acceptance cartography. Acceptance enabling and disabling factors will be identified and transfered into a sensitive communication concept. The long-term goal will be to integrate acceptance and communications as essential factors into planning and developing geothermal facilities.

The interdisciplinary approach used by the parties involved combines core competencies from engineering, humanities, and social sciences as well as expertises from external partners. This enables the development of a holistic concept to realize the project’s objectives. 

Projekt Information


BMU - Bundesministerium für Umwelt

Funding Period:

2012 - 2015


Prof. Dr. E.-M. Jakobs
HCIC TL/TK, Aachen

Prof. Dr. M. Ziefle
HCIC eCommunication, Aachen

Gesellschaft für Consulting, Business und Management mbH, Aachen

Global Engineering & Consulting, Augsburg

Team HCIC:

Dipl. Psych Sylvia Kowalewski
Simon Himmel, M.A.
Johanna Kluge, M.A.