On behalf of an international industry partner  the interaction design of an existing medical technological application is evaluated in a clinical context and from a user-centric point of view optimized and advanced  in terms of future fields of use  and terms of imaging.  

The development of an interaction design for the application in daily hospital life presents a special challenge regarding efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally it is important to employ a very heterogene user topology in regards to age, gender, and technological affinity. 

The further development of the interaction design will follow a participatory approach.  The phases of analysis use expertises of various medical domain experts from the region around Aachen. Theses phases are iteratively interconnected with the development.


Project Information


External Industry Partner

Funding Period

July 2011 – June 2012


Philipp Brauner


Philipp Brauner
Luisa Bremen
Tatjana Hamann
Eva Dickmeis