eHealth: "Climate of Excellence!" - Regional winners of this year's Siemens Stiftung student competition in math, science, and technology are announced

Once again, RWTH Aachen University hosted the regional preliminary round for the student competition funded by Siemens Stiftung. Almost 400 students applied and 15 teams qualified for the preliminaries. They all submitted innovative ideas based on the theme "climate of excellence - new ideas for environmental and climate protection."

RWTH Aachen University, TU Munich and TU Berlin, three important universities of technology in Germany, assign professors to examine and evaluate the students' ideas. On February 29, RWTH Aachen University hosted their preliminary round.

The most convincing works were Christian Rinkens' idea of "A pumped storage hydro power station in Hambach's surface mine," Pia Demary, Hannah Thillmann, and Paulina Banszerus with their project "More garbage for the environment!" as well as Tobias Pickert und Marc Strohmann's idea of "An ecofriendly use of urine for a ressource-efficient production of phosphate fertilizer." The three winning teams will now move on to the national finals in Munich where they will compete against the winners of the preliminary rounds hosted by the technical universities in Berlin and Munich.

This time, the jury of RWTH Aachen University consisted of Prof. Dr. M. Ziefle (Communication Science) , Prof. Dr. A. Schnettler (Institute for High Voltage Technology) and Prof. Dr. A. Bardow (Institute of Technical Thermodynamics). Prof. Dr. E.-M. Jakobs (Chair of Textlinguistics and Technical Communication) hosted the preliminary round in Aachen for participants from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, and Austria.

Photographs of the award presentation and the winners have been collected into a gallery (Photos: Kurt Beyer). 

Winners, jurors and organizers of the Siemens Student Competition 2012<br />
Foto: Kurt Beyer

Winners, jurors and organizers of the Siemens Student Competition 2012
Foto: Kurt Beyer