Dr. Johanna Kluge
Building 4731 | Room 03_B10
Campus-Boulevard 57
52074 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 80 49240

Dr. Johanna Kluge

Dr. Johanna Kluge is a research assistant at the Human-Computer Interaction Center (HCIC) and the chair of communication science. She studied sociology and linguistics and communication science at RWTH Aachen University.

Her research at the HCIC focuses on communication and acceptance of innovative technologies. The main focus of her research is on communication and acceptance aspects in medical technology and renewable resources.

Within the research project "Face," Johanna Kluge helped to develop a sensitive information and communication strategy which is aimed at patients with congenital or developmental misalignment or misshaping of either maxilla or mandible (dysgnathia).

Another research focus is a technology acceptance of renewable resources. In "TIGER," a project funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, she explored factors that influence the acceptance of deep geothermal energy, so that communication and acceptance of the general population can be taken into account when planning future geothermal projects.

In 2018, Johanna Kluge finished her doctor thesis “Protestler als Zielgruppe für Kommunikation bei Energie- und Infrastrukturprojekten”. The thesis focused on how protest can be described as an individual factor and how social dialogs within the scope of energy- and infrastructure projects can be usefully shaped.