HCIC erfolgreich auf der 18. HCI International Conference 2016 in Toronto, Canada

Auf der 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction war das COMM-Team durch 10 Mitarbeiter vertreten. In insgesamt 12 Vorträgen und einer eigenen Session wurden aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse dem internationalen Publikum vorgestellt und diskutiert. 

Beiträge in order of appearance:

Johanna Kluge: 

„As Simple as Possible and as Complex as Necessary“ 

Philipp Brauner: 

„Defective Still Deflective – How Correctness of Decision Support Systems Influences User’s Performance in Production Environments“ 

Juliana Brell: 

„Gender Differences in Usage Motivation for Social Networks at Work“ 

Julia van Heek: 

„Understanding Age-related Differences in Privacy-Safety Decisions: Acceptance of Crime Surveillance Technologies in Urban Environments“ 

Martina Ziefle: Session-Chair: „Human Factors in an Aging Society“

Katrin Arning: 

"You Can('t) Teach an Old Dog New Tricks - Analyzing the Learnability of Manufacturing Software Systems in Older Users“ 

Martina Ziefle: 

„Intentions to use smart textiles in AAL home environments: comparing younger and older adults.“ 

Simon Himmel: 

„Chances for Urban Electromobility: Field Test of Intermodal Travel System and Effect on Usage Intention“ 

Luisa Vervier: 

„Physicians' code of conduct and further requirements for a productive patient physician relationship exemplified in the area of orthognathic surgery“ 

Teresa Schmidt: 

„Share to Protect - Quantitative Study on Privacy Issues in V2X-Technology“ 

André Calero Valdez:

„Visualizing Opportunities of Collaboration in Large Research Organizations“

„Using Liferay as an Interdisciplinary Scientific Collaboration Portal - A Comparative Usability Study of version 6.1 and 6.2“

„Strategic Knowledge Management for Interdisciplinary Teams - Overcoming Barriers of Interdisciplinary Work via an Online Portal Approach“ 


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HCIC-Team @ HCII2016

HCIC-Team @ HCII2016