eHealth: Three Books on eHealth and Smart-Healthcare-Applications published

In January 2011, three books on ehealth, smart healthcare and assistive technologies in the medical sector have been published at IGI Clobal, a well- renowed international publisher of Information Science, Medical Information Science, Business Science and Engineering Science reference sources. Martina Ziefle and Carsten Röcker form the ehealth group are the editors of these books.


Within the last years a variety of new healthcare concepts for supporting and assisting users in technology-enhanced home environments emerged. These so-called "smart healthcare technologies" are characterized by a combined use of information and communication technologies and health monitoring devices in the home domain.

Smart Healthcare Applications and Services: Developments and Practices provides an in-depth introduction into medical, social, and technical aspects of smart healthcare applications as well as their consequences for the design, use and acceptance of future systems. The knowledge and insights provided in this book will help students as well as systems designers understand the fundamental social and technical requirements smart healthcare technologies have to meet.





Electronic healthcare technologies support the interaction between patients and health-service providers, institution-to-institution transmission of data, and peer-to-peer communication between patients and health professionals. These technologies promise to deliver significant improvements in access to care, quality of care, and the efficiency and productivity of the health sector.

Humand-Centered Design of E-Health Technologies: Concepts, Methods and Applications unites researchers and industry pactitioners from different disciplines to share their domain-specific knowledge and thereby contribute to a holistic introduction into the area of human-centered design for e-health applications. The knowledge and insights provided in this book will help students, as well as systems designers, to understand the fundamental social and technical requirements future e-health systems have to meet. By providing a well-rounded introduction within one single volume, this book is equality suited as a library reference and upper-level course supplement, but also represents a first-class resource for independent study.




E-health technologies will play an increasingly important role in the coming years, as more and more older people will require medical care and support. Due to the prevalent demographic changes and the continuously decreasing number of nursing staff and caregivers, there is an increased need for intelligent medical technologies, which enable people to live independently at home.

E-Health, Assistive Technologies and Applications for Assisted Living: Challenges and Solutions reviews existing literature in assistive technologies and provides suggestions and solutions for improving the quality of assisted living facilities and residences through the use of e-health systems and services.