Triple I P

Information Ergonomics in Integrative Produktion Systems

A cooperation between the cluster of excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-wage Countries” and the project house “Human Technology Centre”

Integrative production technology for high-wage countries will demand increasingly more of people's abilities to process a multitude of different information and to make decisions based on this input in their respective work environment. The current state of technology is to enable selected personnel to access these data at locally fixed terminals. In the future, more and more mobile information systems (personal digital assistants, personal information managers, smart phones, palmtops, etc.) will be utilized to provide real-time access to data acquisition systems and databases.

To keep the mass of informatio at a manageable level and accessible with these devices it is necessary to structure and edit the information intelligently and based on user specifications. This project works on a prototype--also using already existing research results--to develop user interfaces designed for and iteratively tested on selected production contexts. 

Project information:


Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Research Foundation


Cluster of excellence Integrated Production Technology

Communication Science, Human Technology Centre

Prof. Dr. M. Ziefle

Funding period:

Januar 2010-Dezember 2010


Dipl.-Ing. Kai Kasugai