AC-TEC Acceptance, Usability, and Ethics in New (Medical) Technologies 


This project aims at establishing an interdisciplinary research cluster at RWTH Aachen University for acceptance, usability, and ethics in new (medical) technologies.

90% of all innovations fail in the market. All to frequently it is a consistent consideration of the customers' needs and wants that is missing. Additionally, the customers are not actively involved in the development of products and services, factors that impede or facilitate acceptance are not worked out early enough, and gender and diversity are not integrated into either the research nor the product development.

Especially the latter aspects are of utmost importance for the successful placement of technological products in the market. They include the "human factor" and depend on the users' acceptance of these products. RWTH Aachen has a high potential of developing (medical) technologies. This project examines how to supplement primary technological approaches to include early analyses and assessments of user profiles in terms of gender and diversity, acceptance, usability, and ethic accountability. 

Project information:


Boost Funds, RWTH Aachen Excellence Initiative

Funding period:



Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dominik Groß (Theory and Ethics in Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle (Communication Science)

Team members:

Prof. Dr. Heather Hofmeister (Sociology/Gender Studies)
Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Jakobs (Textlinguistics, Technical Communication)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Rossaint (Anesthesia, Emergency & Accident Medicine, Telemedicine)


Dipl. Soz. Anne Kathrin Schaar

Dipl.-Inform. Sarah Mennicken