On behalf of an industrial partner a new informational interface for a mobile device is developed.
The new design focuses on innovative icon-based communication and navigation with special consideration to the needs of the targeted user population.
To craft this new design multiple steps are necessary. At first the users' prior technical knowledge and their needs and requirements for such a technical device have to be surveyed.
Afterwards the communication design will be developed. A challenge here is to create icons and a menu structure that is easy to use for young people as well as elderly people.
Another difficulty is the mediation of warnings and alarms. One question here is how important messages can be conveyed safely without making them publicly noticeable as the users may feel stigmatized.
In the end the prototype will be evaluated in a formal user study.

Project information:


External industry partner

Period of time:

December 2008 – November 2009

Team members:

Dipl. Psych. Sylvia Gaul
cand. phil. Lena Taube
Johanna Kluge B.A.