Privacy aware and acceptable life logging service for older and frail people (PAAL)

European and other countries around the world are facing challendes regarding health and social care due to demographic change. Lifelogging technologies are used to improve the quality of life, to ensure the independent and healthy living of older and frail people, and to enable an active and self-determined life of older or impaired people. Those technologies make use of a variety of sensors to monitor the environment and its dwellers. In addition to the benefits of improved monitoring and increased motivation, the use of the technologies requires an infrigment of the privacy of users.

As a result of the increasing integration of healthcare technologies into the private environment, there are challenges in dealing with sensitive data. The project “Privacy aware and acceptable life logging service for older and frail people“ (PAAL) is about identifying the users´ requirements for these lifelogging-technologies. Including the users´ wishes, hopes but also fears in relation to these lifelogging-technologies the target is to create an general instruction in dealing with private user data. This instruction should determine, who may derive data under which conditions, what data may be released and what information and knowledge needs users have when using such technologies.

PAAL pursues four partial objectives:

1. The multidisciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-societal, gender- and age-based analysis oft he ethical, legal, privacy and data protection issues associated with lifelogging.
2. The investigation oft the privacy awareness of modern society.
3. The investigation of algorithms for data conditioning and filtering, in ordert o convert the massive raw sensor data into a compact and semantically meaningful information, without losing any relevant property.
4. The development and validation of privacy compliant and acceptable lifelogging services.



Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung; Joint programming initiative "more years, better lives": the potential and challenges of demographic change

Time period:

01.04.2018 – 31.03.2021


Julia van Heek

Dr. Wiktoria Wilkowska

Project partners:

Ass. Prof. Dr. Francisco Flórez-Revuelta Universidad de Alicante (UA), Spanien

Ass. Prof. Dr. Susanna Spinsante Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Italien

Prof. Dr. Alex Mihailidis University of Toronto (UToronto), Kanada

Dr. Liane Colonna Stockholm University (SU), Schweden