Ford-RWTH Alliance project on ePAD prototyping

In an interdisciplinary compound consisting of several project partners of the RWTH, namely the chair of Computer Science 11, the chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components and the chair of Communication Science, and the Ford Research Center Aachen Innovation Management (Mobility & VES EU Ford Research & Advanced Engineering), innovative electro mobiles „pedestrian devices“ are developed as prototypes and tested iteratively. The innovative approach will not only consider technical and electronical device development but also communication and interaction with devices as well as the acceptance of the end-users. The Ford Research Alliance represents a special kind of cooperation between universities and industry. The Ford RWTH Alliance is the first alliance outside of the USA which is able to work with the US-American universities MIT, University of Michigan und Stanford due to their agreement on this new and innovative form of collaboration with the Ford Motor Global Company. In this collaboration those projects are selected and funded which particularly focus on the processing of complex issues with long-dated relevance for the field of application of automotive industry. Thereby, especially fundamental and/or interdisciplinary projects are pushed.



Ford Research Alliance

Funding Period:

2016 - 2017

Project Partner:

Lehrstuhl für Communication Science

Lehrstuhl für Eingebettete Systeme (Informatik 11)

Lehrstuhl für Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components