Public acceptance and perception for processing of CO2

Modern societies are depending on a life in accordance with mobility, sustainable and renewable energy transformation. The european flagship “Encore” focusses on Co2 emissions and is developing techniques, which are able to process Co2 in new products. From the standpoint of communication theory is this a difficult challenge, because of the transformation of a negative occupied factor, like Co2, into a positive and green product. Therefor it is necessary to identify, quantify and rate mental models and acceptance factors of users, to integrate these into the technical development process. The results have to be transferred into information and communication concepts, which are generally accepted in Europe.

In the first year of the project, a comparison of acceptance and public´s perception between Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) and Carbon Dioxid Usage (CDU) will be done. In comparison with CCS, which is well understood in Germany, the acceptance of the usage of Co2 for products is rarely examined.

The aim of the project is the direct comparison of the two technologies with regard to the perceived pros and cons by users. Differences in acceptance are always depending on regional characteristics like proximity to industry. The results and possible differences of the technologies allow a better understanding of how people think about and if they may differ the technologies. That leads to the result how information and communication strategies have to be selected.

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Dr. Katrin Arning

Anika Linzenich, M.SC.

Julia van Heek, M.SC.

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Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Jakobs