HCIC at COMA'16 in Cape Town

The 6th International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA ’16) took place from 27.-29.01.2016. The HCI Center was presented by André Calero Valdez, Philipp Brauner, Simon Himmel and Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle

For more information about the speeches "The Effectiveness of Different Types of Context-adaptive Tutors During Quality Control in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Production", "Preparing Production Systems for the Internet of Things - The Potential of Socio-Technical Approaches in Dealing with Complexity", "How to Train Employees, Identify Task-Relevant Human Factors, and Impove Software Systems with Business Simulation Games" and “Overloaded, Slow and Illogical” A Usability Evaluation of Software for Product Manufacturing Processes with a Special Focus on Age and Expertise of CAM Users." please see Publications

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